Uncommon Fellows

A documentary of some of the world’s most influential faith leaders, skeptics, and seekers for a conversation about life’s biggest questions.

The Vision

Is it us, or is good conversation harder to find than ever?

On TV and online, everybody already knows all the answers. Everyone has their own opinions backed up by their own facts and they’re sticking to them. Divided by nation, ethnicity, and especially religious belief—we always seem to be talking at each other. If we’re not yelling.

Could it be different? What would happen if a handful of humans with very different beliefs got together and agreed just to…have a real conversation? 

In Uncommon Fellows we are going to find out. Our film brings together some of the most prominent atheists and believers, scientists and artists, Christians, Jews and Muslims in the world. Together they will discuss our deepest and most persistent questions. Does a higher power exist? What is truth? Who decides? Do humans have purpose or value? Why do we suffer? What is beauty and art? What is love and do we really need it?

It will be anything but boring. The truth is, real conversation is exciting because it’s inherently risky. There is an ineradicable risk in looking up and talking with someone different than you. Disagreement, discord, and division are possible if not inevitable. Scarier yet, you might change your mind.

We believe that the only way to break through our increasingly siloed existence is to offer a sign of hope—hope that it is possible and even beneficial to ask our questions in the company of those who might disagree with us. We want to show how it is possible – essential, actually – to listen, question, and dialogue with those with whom we both agree and disagree, those who are equally inspiring and puzzling.

Good conversation is harder to find than ever. It’s time we started one.