Uncommon Fellows

Take a moment, and imagine you are living in the late 19th or early 20th Century.

Who are the individuals, great thinkers, leaders and musicians you wish you would have been able to meet or listen to in person? Who are some of your personal heroes from that era?

Now imagine that you could get that group together, be it scientists, scholars, philosophers, theologians, musicians, etc. in one setting and spend 3 days experiencing the uninterrupted conversations and ideas that stemmed from a trip that group took together into the mountains.

No agenda, no bias, no rigid debate structure; simply, 3 days of conscious thought, civil discourse, ideas being shared, good food, music, the great outdoors and new friendships. Now imagine all of that could be captured on film, edited and produced and shared with your family and future generations.

Unfortunately, the past does not provide us with a production or film such as this imaginary concept. The great thinkers of that era often wrote to each other and may have participated in formal debates that still survive today, but never before did they get together and do what humans have done for thousands of years: sharing common experiences, meals, conversation and music.

With this in view, imagine what it would have been like to have the following thinkers together for such an event to document…

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