Filter Media

We are inundated. We have access to more information than we’ve had. We can consult any number of news stories, opinions, and think-pieces. But how do we know what is reliable? What is the author’s political bias?

With the rise of social media as a platform for news and information the traditional guardrails for accuracy and bias are removed. We no longer see a whole magazine or newspaper. We only see articles or short posts meant to draw us to a website. How do we know what to trust?

Filter Media puts the essential information in the hands of social media users. More people are getting their news and information from social media platforms. But this shouldn’t keep them from fair assessments of an article’s accuracy and its political bias. 

Drawing on recent advances in machine learning and natural language processing, Filter Media provides automatic reliability and bias scores for articles shared on social media. For more information or inquiries for those interested in partnering in this exciting new venture, please write to me in the email feature below or connect with me at @jonathanteubner.