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The Making of the Western Tradition: An Imperfect Draft

The period between 430 and 1000 evinces a bewildering diversity of controversies, genres, themes, and personalities. In this period, the canon of Scripture, the emergent class of authors called ‘Church Fathers’, and the classical Liberal Arts (as they were refashioned by Christian authors) slowly became the established sources of theological reflection. How they merge into […]

God and Money: Some Augustinian Reflections

Almsgiving as a Christian practice seems to evoke a certain amount of embarrassment. For some, the specter of indulgences still haunt, an artifact of a previous age’s works righteousness polemic. For others, a more pragmatic, worldly spirit emerges. Isn’t the question rather one of care for the poor, and are we not better served not […]

Belonging to Europe: Some Historical Reflections on Europe

Shortly after I arrived in Cambridge, England to start graduate studies in late 2010, the recently elected Conservative-led coalition government decided that it was high time to take care of its ‘immigration problem’. One of the first acts of the Conservatives was to revise the citizenship exam. More British history and tradition, less advice on […]

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